Sunday, April 03, 2011

yeahh yeahh yeahh !

yeahh yeahh yeahh. i'm home. hello people., i'm so Fuckin happy to come back home. huhhh ! what a relieve. anyway yesterday 2nd April i went to Melacca to visit my sister at Kolej Yayasan Saad. then i pick her up and we go for makan at Mahkota Parade. to be honest laa kan, this is my first time pegi Bandar Melaka. before this tak pernah sampai situ. driving driving, then i was so shocked kott. melaka mcm gila babik moden gila. haha. i tot melaka is like a kampunggss. but i guess i was wrong. wowww surprise gila kott. bravooo.

melaka and kl takde laa jauh mana. so myb nak pegi lagi laa next time. coz i've a friend tht study at MMU there. hmmm plus i drive 160km/h. so rase mcm kejapp jea journey. haha.

Friday, March 11, 2011

apa saje cerita laa kan.

its been so long aku tak update blog kan. what can i do man. busy la lately. too much of study (yelah tue). haha :) anyway things are going fine. just a few laa yg seems to be tak okay. but anyway, be happy alright. things happened for a reason. kan kan kan.

i hope you guys semua pun happy happy okay. "life is too short to be unhappy". remember tht. currently, i'm busy with my Phase 2. arghhh so damn tension till my brain dahh crackk dah nie. just 2 weeks left, then jump to Phase 3. rileks sikit brahh. no tension tension. sumpahh cuak for final nnti. exam kott. hopefully laa kan, this time i wanna pass all the subjects, total 5 subjects. i don't wanna to repeat the paper again coz everytime resit, i have to pay 500 bucks for each paper. fuck kan. so now, what can i do is study plus tiru meniru. thats the main thing kat sini.

tiru meniru. best doe. if u guys wanna learn how to tiru meniru mcm ape kitaorg buat. you guys can ask me how. coz i will show you how to tiru meniru like what we did during our exam. professional punyer cara bhai ! nak tao, kena tanya okay.

yess, myb first week of april balik KL lagikk. can't wait to go home bhai. been missing home like crazyy. cuti 10 hari bhai. course break. so anyone yg cuti tht time, do invite me okay if you guys nk pegi mana mana. but kena bgtao awal awal laa kan. kena booking dlu. mana laa tao, if aku busy ke.

so i guess thts all for today. nothing else to share. but actually there's a lot of things i wanna share with you guys. but currently i'm soo damn fucking sleepyy. baru lepas makan kan pluss today sumpah penat gila. exam kot, sbb tue laa lemau semacam jea. it's okayy, if i've a free time. i'll story story with you guys okay. don't worry, i'll keep updating my blog from time to time.

do pray for me okay. hope your day is better than yesterday. enjoy your life while it last. see ya.

Monday, March 07, 2011

fuck off !

mengapa aku yang harus selalu mengalah.
mood ; pissed off

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

rumah aku dah sunyi sepi dah !

okay, dulu rumah aku penuh dgn org org. meaning to say is, parents aku ade, adek beradek aku ade. kitowg ade 6 adek beradek. plus my abah and mama 8 org family members. Abah, Mama, Ammar (Aiman), Amir, Amran (Didit), Liyana, Amzar and Saiha. and now rumah tue dah sunyi dahh. like sunyi laa. you know what i mean kan. hmmm okay laa. let me tell you why aku ckp mcm itu.

first, i'm the eldest. and i already graduated form High School in the year of 2008. and 2009 i'm the first person who leave the house. because i've to go to Sydney to continue my study as a pilot. 1 year jugak laa ddk Sydney. and now rumah tue tggl 7 org.

and the following year 2009, my second younger brother pulak graduate from High School. Amir. and 2010 he's the second person who leave the house. dia continue study at GMI Bangi. actually dekat jea dgn rumah. but still dia tgglkn rumah kan. and now tggl 6 org jea. tggl laa abah mama didit yana amzar and eha. plus bibik. haha :)

by 2011 pulak Didit habis sekolah. and now dia kerja. which means selalu laa takde kat rumah kan. and soon dia pun will leave the house coz now he's waiting for his SPM results. and after dapat results of course he will continue his study. tak tao lagi kat mana. and now Yana pulak sekarang sambung belajar kat sekolah asrama. at Melaka i guess. continue her form 4. this is her wish nak pindah sekolah and masuk sekolah asrama since dulu lagi kan. so her wish comes true.

arghhh makin lama makin sikit org tggl kat rumah. sumpah. mesti rumahh sunyi jea. kalau dulu penuh dgn ktowg. and now huhhhhh like really ........... (entah laa). sekarang tggl abah mama amzar and eha jea. plus bibik. and aku dgr cerita bibik aku pun nak balik Indonesia dah. lagi laaa. hadoiiii. but for awhile only laa. cuti. haha :)

seriously, laen gila dah sekarang. sedih jugak kot if pikir psl bnde nie. semua dah makin jauh dahh. thts why laa, if ade celebration or cuti panjang ke, mesti ktowg like gather balik. pergi holiday ke. or buat aktiviti family. like makan makan ke etc.

seriosly i miss the old moments. time kecik kecik dulu. only i know why this moments is very important for me.

counting the days !

ohh yeahh bebehh. i'm counting the days nak balik KL on this CNY 2nd Feb. haha :) can't wait to go home and see my family and my friends. unfortunately aku dpt cuti only for 4days. so i've to come back to Langkawi by 6feb at night. hmm what the f**k. what to do. deal with it kann. sekolahh kedekut cuti. fact kot.

ohh a lot lot of things i wanna do when i go back this time. first my friend from Perth balik. AMMAR UZAIR. dah lama sial tak jumpa mamat nie. kawan sekolah kott dia nie. tak sabar kot nak ketuk kepala dia. HAHA :) lama sial takk dapat bahan bahan dia. ngee3. so ammar, u better watch out okay. second thing is hmmmm entah laa. tak plan lagi actually. so far for now is just jmpe kepala dongga tue laa, ammar. sorry ammar. takde niat nak kutuk kau. just nak luahkan perasaan aku jea. no heart feelings okay. peace no war.

i'm so fucking sure my schedule this time mesti like really really pack. ramai kot ajak lepak and jmpa. seperti rissa, mirul, haiqal, hafiz denny and etc. huh camner nie. i only have 4 days guys. and this 4 days aku kena like jmpe kowg. takpe takpe. i try to manage my time okay. and try to like curik2 masa tuk jmpe kowg.

and yg paling penting myb laa Si Dia kuhh akan dtg KL. so far dia pun tak sure lagi. and i hope you can make it okay. i really really hope that u can make it. like really really. you know what i mean kan. like really really hope. HAHA :) atleast 1 day pun enough laa. cukup ke??? i don't know. if can nak more than 1 day kot. haha :)

waah can't wait to go backk meyhh ! and my friends calvin, patrick and oliver ajak dtg for CNY. makan ramai ramai. ohhh i don't know how aku nak bahagikan masa nie. hopefully everything gonna be okay kan. HAHA :)

okayy january is coming to an end. first month of the year of 2011 dah nak habis. and i think this whole month i'm busy with my school. Ground School. which is most of the student from my batch tak suke. yelahh. u have to attend classes from 8 to 5. monday till friday. huh it is very tiring you know. and when weekends is coming, everyone like hoorayyyy. some of them will go out till late night, chill having fun and etc. and some of it just nak rest kat bilik tidur 24hrs. yelahh. balas dendam balik kan. penat sgt. sumpah weyhh tak tipuu.

so january dah nak habis, welcome february. hope for the best laa okay. i just wanna be a better man in future. yeahhh ! and not to forget Valentine's Day kan. to be honest with you guys, i never celebrate this day. myb sbb during this day laa, i'm single. NO Girlfriend. and i'm alone okay. but actually, i don't bother sgt pun. ape laa sgt kan Valentine's day kan. it just a normal day kan. hari hari pun kita boleh sambut valentine's. not that 1 day jea kita syg org yg kita syg. not suppose to syg our gf, but we can syg our family, friends and bnyk lagi. myb binatang peliharaan ke. thts why laa aku tak ambik 'pot' sgt psl bnde nie. like what so ever u know. haha :)

lastly, i wanna wish Happy Chinese New Year to all chinese ppl okay. Gong Xi Fa Cai. jangan lupa bagi itu ang pau okay.

nasihat drpd saya; tingkatkn prestasi, kurangkan kontroversi. chalo bete.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

renovating Body.

hah, now i plan nak renovate sikit sikit my body nie. hmm nak renovate cmner? ade laaa. kasikk gedang gedang sikit. nak jugakk jadik mcm kwn saya sorg tue. HAHA :) MATAHARI. kau tao laa sape kau en. hehe ! so now aku tgh try to work out laa. tak tao laa jadikk ke tak nnty. hope so berjaya laa yea. actually jealous kot tgk badan owg laen smart smart. tufff tufff. hmm aku pun nak mcm tue. dpt sikit gelaran Abang Body. HAHA :) babikk geli sial ayat ! so now my body is still under construction. wait and see after 3 months okay.

good luck aiman. semoga jadik abang body yang berjaya. sumpahh bodoh !

Friday Night !

hah weekend dtg lagi. best best. this is the only time that i can relax myself and enjoy after a long weekdays. so that Friday Night, me and my friends when to Telaga Arabic for SHISHA. we use to shisha dkt situ. HAHA :) mcm biasa we spend our time from 9.30pm till 12. smpai kedai tutupp. we shisha, we talk, we eat, we gossip and we majal-ing each other. stupidoo us ! that night cume ade 5 of us jea. Haziq, Fazran, Firdaus, Hilal and Aiman. daus and faz tak shisha. so just 3 of us jea. hmmm that night jugak Kesavan ajak lepak jugak. so after shisha semua, we went to see Kesavan at the beach side. tak jauh dr tmpat ktowg lepak. hmm sampai sampai jea, jmpe Dana and Kisshor sekali. haha. Indian's day out yea aneee. machaaa roti yelor satuu ! haha. waahhh best gilakk. lepakk lepakk, kutukk kutukk org bahan bahann org mcm mcm lagi laa. plus we dance dkt pantai tue. haha :)

thenn, ktowg campak Dana kt laut. haha. basahhh kau. kesiannnn. then dowg balas dendam balikk, dowg plan nak kenakan aku. fuck doe asyikk aku jea kena buli dgn dorg. dahh bape kali kott dowg cmpak aku kat laut. before this dah 2 kali. now againnn kowg cmpak aku. arghhhh ! so mission complete. dowg cmpak aku kat laut. dgn susah payah nyer. padan muka kowg. jatuh sana sini. aku meronta ronta like hell. habis 2 - 3 org jatuh. hahahah :)

habis berpasir baju baju aku. seluar aku semua. hmm :) after that kitowg ddk ramai ramai citer pasal hantu pulakk. seram gila doe. haha :) mcm mcm kisah hantu ade. kalo ade director drama kat situ, dah boleh buat movie dah. HAHA :) so we lepak till 5am. huh semua dah ngantokk gila. before balikk we makan jap kat kedai mamak at Cenang. so after makann semua chow balikk rumahh. what a night kan guys. haha :)


well hello, sorry dah lama tak update blog. busy with my studies and nowdays everyday ade Progress Test (PT). hmm penat gila. and like always life during weekdays nothing much different. 8 - 5 Ground School. then malam study. if tak study pun, just duduk dpn laptop, online. HAHA :) and and this one night, when aku tgh study. then suddenly ade Garage Sale from Batch 27 (dorg dah graduate dah semalam 22/1/11). congrats weyhh ! hmm so me and my friends when to Block C whre this ppl were staying. then ktwg pilih laa barang barang yg ktowg nak. like aku, ktowg dapat Peti Ais, Kipas, Makanan, UNO Card and etc. haha :) then after amik barang semua. kitaowg sume takk jadikk study. dahh malas dahh. hmmm then firdaus, fazran ajak main UNO. fuckk doe. main laa UNO smpai esok punyer exam failed. HAHA :) nice one. and thanks again to B'27 sbb bg barang semua FOC kat kitowg. Free Of Charge. HAHA :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

hell 0 stranger !

"Hoii!! kite satu bilik dulu, ko penah nak buka suar dpan aku. Ko ni gay ek?? hahahaha!"

this is the question that have been send from unknown person at my Formspring. hell 0, i don't know you laa stranger. please do mind your own bisness brahh ! and plus, about kita pernah satu bilik? HAHA, jangan buat lawak laa weyhh. aku tak pernah ade roommate mcm kau stranger. sumpah kelakar laa kau weyh. nak tuduh aku pun, biarlah logik sikit. pakai otak sikit brahh. bolehh tak. no need to create this foking cheap statement. your hard work to bring me down is useless laa dude. so better u find another job drpd you keep going on like this and make a fool of yourself. well, fyi laa kan. dahh ramai dah org try to create cheap story bout me. but my prinsip is, i don't give a damn. simple as that kan. yg penting i'm happy on what i'm doing right now. and you guys tak bawak faedahh pun bagi aku laa. and stop laa from doing all this shit. aku kesian dgn korg. takde kerja laen ke kowg nak buat hah. smpai kowg Desperado bwat keje keje cmnie. kowg dibayar ke? berapa doe? bolehh aku join sekali. dpt duit sikit buat tambah tambah duit poket. HAHA :) bodoh bodoh. okay laa korg, berhenti jelah yea. i'm used to it laa. dah bnyk kali aku kena since i was in Form 5. so all that shit, mcm 'arghhh nothing'. ppl is so jealousyyyy. thats why laa kowg bwat cmtue. and thanks to kowg jugak laa yg buatkn aku jadik MORE POPULAR weyhh. Mr Popular. woahh best best. yelahh, since aku graduate from secondary school, my popularity is like going down and fading away. so to keep my popularity still up to that standard, i thnk u guys patut jadik paparazzi aku ke, keep on stalking aku and make me more popular than before okay. (FUCK if kowg buat betol betol). aku dah penat laa dgn bnde bnde mcmnie. kalo nak pun, buat dgn org laen. not with me okay. i need a break. last word from me, Don't mess with Aiman Samsul aka Mr Popular. HAHA :)

bak kata ammar uzair; when talk about aiman samsul, it's all aboutKONTROVERSI. kan ammar kan. HAHA :)

note; sape yg makan cili, dia yang terasa pedasnyer.


well hell 0. now aku nak share something ngan kowg kowg semua. hmmm malam nie is malam after new year laa. so me and my friends sume lepakk Gunung Raya. sumpahh sejukk tak beragakk gila. okay end of story. hahaaa. taktao nak ckp ape lagi. actually the main topic kat sini is not about gunung raya. nie psl, after balik from Gunung Raya, kidey ajak tido bilik dia. bilik dia kosong. roommates dia balikk KL, Ariff and Zhaf. so dia ajak aku tidur dgn dia. so bosan bosan, pukul 4am ktowg tangkap gamba guna MACBOOK PRO Kidey. haha :) sumpah gilaa. as usual mesti laa ade gamba kan. tue kat bwahh tue. nampakk takk? besar besarr aku letakk. tak nmpkk, BUTA. haha. rilekss main main sudeyhhh. dia panggil aku AIMAN SUDEYHH. sbb ape? sbb aku suka ckp sudeyhhh. and dia ckp, aku nie merosakkn bahasa. bukan rosakkn laa. just nak bagi nafas baru. POYOO gilakk sial. HAHA :) k that's all. chalo bete.

credit to Kidey Zain ! (promote kau gila)

from left ; Firdaus, Calvin and Aiman

fuyooo, kidey bawak camera DXLR NIKON kot. if i'm not mistaken laa. HAHA :) dia bawak dlm class. so each time ade breakk snap snapp. BATAK kott. and thanks to Kidey laa yerk for the awesome picture. actually ade lagi, but tak masuk kn dlm FB lagi. only this 2 pic jea yg ade dlm FB aku. and anyway kesiann kau Kidey. Cameraman, so gamba dia takde dlm nie. nnty aku amik gamba kau bnyk bnykk yerk. HAHA :)

the indians and the malays. DANA, HAZIQ, AIMAN and HARDEEP.
(racist doe)

Monday, January 17, 2011

study day !

yeahhh ! today is a public holiday for kedahh. just 1 day only. sempena Birthday Sultan Kedah. woww best nyer cuti. so i take this peluang to study the whole day. tmrw ade Progress Test. 2 subject. INSTRUMENTATION and METEOROLOGY. study study and study yoo. so bye laptopp. i'm not gonna touch you till nite.

Please Do Not Disturb !
Silence Please !

Sunday, January 16, 2011

reality !

We’re teenagers. Shit happens. We fall in love and end up getting hurt. We bitch, bitch,bitch. We bitch about bitches being bitches. We go out and have a kick ass time with our friends and those will be the memories. One day that’s going to all pass. So make the most of what you have now,forget all the bullshit and drama and live your fucking life with a sexy smile on your face.

Hey. Stuff happens. People will change. Your best friend will become your worst enemy. You will fall to pieces, and wish you never existed. You’ll have new regrets and new mistakes. You’ll fall in love, and she/he’ll break your heart. You’ll argue, and cry yourself to sleep. Every time you fall down, you get back up. And no matter how hard it may seem, remember that this is only a chapter of your life. Life goes on.

p/s; this post is for general. not to pin point anyone. this is what i feel bout my life. shit happens. tq !


mcm biasa, today i woke up at 12pm. Sunday kan, is the resting day after a long weekdays. plus last nite, i slept at 5am. don't know why bolehh terlajak smpai pukul 5. tgk movies tak habis habis. HAHA :)

arghhh BORING laaa. takkn nak ddk bilikk jea hari nie. i'm dying rite here stay at this so called "prison". i need to get out from here man. just fucking release me and i'm free. can't wait to go back this coming Chinese New Year's break. KL here i come. Home Sweet Home. can someone plss, give me some idea, what can i do today to overcome the boringness kat sini. huh ! everyday, i did the same thing. same routine. boring sial. HAHA :)

from person who need help; aiman samsul

misunderstanding !

it's for you, friend.

aku nak ckp psl status kau. and aku rase, status tue tuk aku kan. hmm mesti kau terasa psl comment comment tue kan. HAHA :) rilekss sudeyhh. let me explain okayy. and this is your statement;

"sorry la bro. xde pasal la aku nak kacau line. terima kasih yee pgl aku kaki rembat."

SORRY. kalo kau terase psl ape yg aku ckp tue. i didn't mean it okay. it just aku nak bergurau jea. and i don't know that my jokes tue boleh bwat kau sakit hati. seriously doe, aku tak bermaksud pun nak sakitkn hati kau. i trust u laa weyhh. kau kwn aku kot. dah bape lama pulakk aku kenal kau. takkn laa aku nk ckp mcmtue kat kau. kau mcm tak kenal aku pulakk. and again, SORRY weyhh. aku taktao mcm mane nak ckp lagi. malas laa weyh nak gadohh gadoh nie. penat laa sial. lepas satu satu kes. HAHA :) you misunderstood okay. jgn terasa lagi okay. kau bukan kaki rembat kann. jgn laa terasa doe. common laa, plss forgive me friend. HAHA :) peace okay !

Friday, January 14, 2011

nak kawin !

me; mama, abg amar nak kahwin.
mama; kahwin? belajar betol betol dulu, baru kahwin.
me; hmmm alaa, tgh belajar betol betol laa nie. mama, amar igt nak kawin awal laa. haha
mama; ape laa awak nie. carik jodoh yg baik baik. solehah. awak tue dah laa mcm tue. carik isteri yg boleh bimbing awak
sekali. jangan dua dua hanyut.
me; hmm nak carik yg baik? tapi masalah nyer amar mmg nak carik yg baik. tapi yg baik sume tanak dkt amar. haha
lagipunn, ade ke yg baik and solehah ma.

(tiba tiba yana adik perempuan aku menyampuk)

yana; alaa, abg amar punyer gf, kebanyakan nyer, mesti mama tak suke. abg amar kn suka yg seksi seksi jea. mmg mama
mane suke.
me; dahh tue taste abg amar. mesti laa nk seksi seksi. baru selera. haha
yana; ape laa.
mama; seksi seksi takkn bwak kemana marr. nanty cerai berai laa.
me; tak semestinya ma. think positive okay.
mama; dgr ckp mama, mama lebih experience. awak taktao alam rumahtangga nie mcm mane. kena jaga isteri, anak. nak
tanggung dorg sume. cuba fikir.
me; yelahh ma.

time nie, aku tgh borak something with my mom at Mcd. sambil makan makan dgn yana and didit. 4 owg jea time tue. then tetiba boleh pulakk keluar citer psl kawin kawin nie. haha. actually bnykk lagi yg ktowg borak borak. tapi dipendekkan. haha. sorry dit. karakter dit tak masukk cerita amar laa. haha :) jealous tgk dit and rab. wish you guys happy okayy.

ohh japp, ade satu ayat nie mmg best gilakk. my mom ckp kat adek laki aku. DIDIT.

" sekarang dah ade girlpren baru, girlpren kat PJ tue tinggalkn mcm tue jea "

HAHA. sumpahh besttt !! kan didit kann.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

stupido me !

today is the day for Phase 1 examination results. fyi, this is my second attempt for this exam. before this i only passed 2 subject. and the other 2 i failed. so i've to resit for this 2 FOKING subject again. which means i've to pay RM1K jugak laa. not i pay laa. to be actual my parents laa yg bayar. haha. so now i've to pay another RM1K lagi. sbb nak resit lagi. haiyooo. kenapa laa takk study betulbetul. kan dahh susah. actually before resit exam nie, aiman tgh course break. 3 weeks jugak laa. tht time aiman ade kat KL. KL?? dah ade kat KL, mane bolehh study doe. bnykk sgt godaan syaitan. HAHA :) i bring back my books sume. kononnyer nak study laa. last last, tak study lgsg. hmmm :( then after course break, i've 1 day jea nak study for this 2 papers. mmg takk bolehh laa kan. haha :) mase jwb examm nie, aiman dahh expect dahh, i'll fail againn. and my parents pun tao psl nie. they know i didn't study at all.

and now, i didn't tell my parents yet bout my results. for sure punyer laa kena bebel kejap. normal laa kan. parents. hmm what can i do now is just keep studying. dont give up. bak kata pepatah "dimana ade kemahuan, disitu ade jalan". haha.

okayy laa. takk bolehh tulis panjang panjangg. kena kacau dgn kwn kwn. dowg bisng sgt. so all the idea nak tulis, GONE. thanks to CALVIN, KIDEY and HAZIQ. dowg sebok sebok nak tgk aku tulis ape. hadoii. tapi ape ape punn. mereka mereka nie lahh yg menceriakan suasana kat sini. kalo takde mereke mereka nie, i'm totally dead.

okay see ya. chalo bete :) keep viewing my blog okayy. i will update my blog from time to time. okayy.

Monday, January 10, 2011

poningg kepala den !

damnn, today punyer class. hmmm dahh laa ngantokk. smlm layann kideyy smpai pukul 2pg. and then have to wake up at 0630. hmm sumpahh dtg class pun ngantokk jea. plus todayy ade examm for meteorology. that exam is fokingg easyyy. copy copy answers kan. mmg laa senang. HAHA :) sumpahh pass laa. HAHA :)

and today dpt results exam for instrument. and the results is extremelyy bad doe. i got 46% only. HAHA :) study gitu gitu jea, mmg laa. serve your right. and the instructor who taught us that subject was fucking pissed off withh us. out of 19, only 1 person passed. and the rest failed. HAHA :) including me laaa. hehe.

and the last subject td, Flight Planning. woahhhhh, sumpahhh class yg plg kelakarr. coz the instructor comel gilakk kott. HAHA :) dgn perot besarrr and pipi tembamm. kalo senyumm. alalalalaa. HAHA :) and subjest nie memeningkan kepala. sumpahh aku lost gilakk td. taktao ape kejadahh dia ckp kat depann. hmm adoii. poning kepala denn kalo cmnie jea terus. HAHA :)

okayy laa guys, aku ade ltk picture dlm class todayy. time nie before instructor masukk class. so bosan bosann tangkap gamba dulu. HAHA :)

from left : AIMAN, KIDEY and HAZIQ

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Time to LOVE.

Finally, I found You.

well, it's time for me to find my true love. yess my true love is somewhere out there.

It's Time To Stop.

It's Time to Stop Smoking. i think it's time for me to stopp. after dgr psl berita buruk psl org yg merokok and the effects if kita smoke. sumpahh takut ohh. but idk if i can stop smoking or not. hmmm :( i try to stop dlu. but i can't. lebih lebih lagi rokok kat Langkawi is FOKING Cheapp yooo. Oh Lord Help Me !